What Will The Students Get

Parents: I understand if your plate is too full to teach your children about money. I recognize that sometimes parents need help.

Here we are! Let us help you! Let us help you teach your children about finances!

What the Class and Club Entails

• Monthly Financial Modules*
• Creating Budget*
• Budgeting Management*
• Paying Mock Bills mock money*
• Learn to pay for other expenses using mock money*
• Learning to modify the budget during ‘lean’ months*
• Expense tracking (monthly)*
• Develop saving skills through saving their mock money and actual money
• Comparison shopping to get a better deal
• Each month the student will be given a CHALLENGE PROBLEM and/or assignment to learn to work through. By each month’s end, they must show, via a report, how they learned to solved these problems.
• Each month the student will be given assignment to keep what they learned fresh. Ex: Some months will have them repeat comparison shopping. This is because comparison shopping is a skill that we as adults use in almost every day life.
• Students/parents will have admittance to their own private FB club where they can talk to other students about their experience and challenges. Parents are invited to give helpful advice.

• NOTE: For good success, it is necessary for the student to work with another peer, their parent, or a mentor.
• Monthly financial tips for the student and parents

NOTE: The club is on-going until the parents cancel. It is suggested that the students maintain at least 3-4 years of financial instruction before moving on. Truly students can stay on longer.

For parents—the topic of money is almost like sex—they never want to talk about it with their children. They may be uneducated themselves, or they may not want their kids knowing how much they make. But parents need to teach their children from a young age how to handle money. – By Ann Minnium