Dealing With The Hard Issues

The reason I named this post ‘Dealing With The Hard Issues' is because during my growing up, there were some questions that you just didn't ask.  When I was a teen-ager, I asked my mother about sex.  She'd always answer, “When I'm ready for you to know about these things, I'll tell you.”  I'm a grown married woman with two children, and I guess she never thought that I was ready to learn.  In other words, she never taught me.

As I got older, I noticed things in people's behavior that just didn't make sense.  I noticed that many people dealt with surface issues instead of dealing with the core.  I was reproved and taught ‘not' to broach certain offensive subjects because it might hurt someone's feelings whenever I wanted to address certain issues.  In other words, if someone was doing something incredibly offensive to you that you started having negative feelings toward them, don't tell them.  It just may crush them.  Give them an opportunity to grow.  They may change.  Never mind how you were being crushed and changing negatively in the process yourself.

As time went on, I got weary and almost destroyed by cutesy surface level advice that didn't address the issue.  I got tired of dealing with the expectation of others.  I then began to ask God about 10 years ago, to make me a help to people who are suffering. I knew that if I was suffering it, someone else was suffering as well.  It seemed that I would never be ready, but now here I am.

I hope this blog will help you to

  • Talk
  • Find answers
  • Find compassion
  • Get help
  • Get help dealing with the expectation of others
  • How to deal with stress
  • How to deal with the fear of being alone

and everything you need to lead and live a productive whole life.   Please know that whatever I'm sharing with you are things that I experienced myself.  I hope to bring that experience to you.

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