Sometimes when I have a thought, my brain runs faster than my typing skills.  Therefore, instead of blogging it out, I decide to make videos to better convey my thoughts.

Feel free to comment on any one of these videos.  Feel free to tell me about your experiences.

Take care.


You Are Not Worthless
Making A Safe Haven For Your Children
Listening to the truth vs Listening to want you want to hear
Love vs Infatuation















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  1. You website is set up professionally and is thought provoking. You cover most of the concerns of those who have been abused domestically. The tips segment is a helpful guide to helping identify domestic abusers. The topic really fills a need.Anyone who takes the time to read and explore your website will be definitely be educated!

    • Thank you so much for the kind words, John. If I could help someone escape abuse or help support-systems to better support the victims, it will be an accomplishment.

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