Tips & Thoughts of The Day

I'm by no means witting, but I'd like to be.  Nonetheless, these ‘tips' and ‘thoughts' that I share are things that God taught me in my life's journey.  Now, I'm happy to share these with you.  These are your motivational tips for the day, your daily tip for the day, your whatever tip for the day.  I hope these help.

Being Overly Critical
Proper Correction
Be Compassionate
Extend An Olive Branch
Simple Act of Kindness
Showing You
Love and Proper Appreciation
Being a Compassionate Listener
Be Careful of Highly Critical People
Looking The Other Way
Appreciating People For Who They Are
God's Teaching
I Don't Care If I Don't Fit In
Be Helpful – Not So Judgmental
You're Good Enough


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