The Vice of Being Reactive Instead of Proactive Regarding Issues

The Vice of Being Proactive Vs Reactive Regarding Issues

Someone once shared with me that many of us are ‘reactive' people instead of ‘preventative' people. In other words, we react when there's a problem instead of taking steps to avoid it in the first place.

Example: One of the main questions that I absolutely hate hearing is, “Why didn't you tell me . . . . . (fill in the blanks)?” I've come to find out many times that people do say something regarding whatever is going wrong. Most people just don't take it seriously UNTIL an explosion happens.

Issues in the home are ignored until it's too big to ignore any further.

Issues that children are facing in school or at home are ignored until the problem is too major to hide.

Issues that workers (co-workers and managers) are often ignored until someone quits in anger or it gets to HR.

The point is that if things get nipped in the bud sooner, there might be less explosive issues. Not only that, people that actually have issues won't have to shut down within themselves.

People shut down when they feel that they have no one on their side. Taking preventative measures will alleviate people and our loved ones from feeling as if their issues don't matter.

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