Teen Xone Financial Classes

It is said that financial classes should take place through high school. I agree.

How it Started

I started working at 16. You can imagine how happy I was to receive my first check. You can also image what I did with my first (and subsequent) checks. Yes. I spent them all on myself.

My family was never taught about finances. Not only were they not taught about finances, they weren’t taught financial DISCIPLINE. Money just went through their fingers.   As a result, since my family wasn't taught about financial discipline, then you must know that they didn't teach me about finances either.

Therefore, we spent money on the things we wanted first and the things we needed second.

Thus, we lived paycheck to paycheck.

Things didn’t improve after I got married. I met my husband at 16 while we both worked at a fast food restaurant. He had been working longer, but the result was the same. He followed the same plan of irresponsible spending that we all did.

Eventually, things had to change.

Once we had children, I realize that I didn’t want my children to fall down the same slope. I began to teach my children about finances. It wasn’t easy but I wanted them to have a better life.  I didn't want to pass down financial baggage to my children.

Surprisingly, but not surprisingly, I learned that many people of various races fell into the same role. Many people didn’t know about finances and the discipline that it entailed.

Not only did I want my children to have financial knowledge, I wanted them to have financial discipline.

I want your children to have financial knowledge and discipline as well.


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