My Journey, Our Journey

“Life’s not fair, is it?” was the question that Scar asked at the beginning of Lion King. Sometimes life isn’t fair, especially when you go through hard circumstances never getting the answers to the questions you’re asking. Being an inquisitive and traditionally raised woman, I was surprised and floored when situations hit me that I was never trained for – even though I was in the ‘school of learning’. What disappointed me more was being blamed for the circumstances I desperately tried to fix; but being even more surprised that those who was doing the blaming didn’t have the answers either.

Enter this blog. Here, I’ll tell you about the things that I discovered from a Christian perspective. These thing include various social emotional behaviors, – abuse (emotional, mental, financial, physical, and yes even sexual), low self-esteem issues, control and manipulation. We’ll talk about narcissism, sociopath behaviors, misogynist and misandrist behaviors , passive aggression, etc.

My goal is to help others who have suffered from the above, are unsure about what you’re facing, as well as to teach the teacher about what people are really going through. I want individuals to know that you’re not alone. I’ve been there.

We’ll also dive into relationship and financial issues. So sit back and enjoy the ride. Let’s help one other deal with the hard times.

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  1. I am really glad I have found your blog. Your posts appear very intuitive. I want to be more in touch with my feelings and work through the negativity I have about myself. I think coming here regularly will help me.


    • Thank you for constantly coming. I hope to be able to be a help to you, Megan. Please know that pretty much everything that I post, I’ve experienced. It was the grace of God himself that allowed me to go through the things I went through. The reason being is to be able to help many coming behind me. I hope to be able to be a light and assistance to you and those who need it.

      Much love,


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