I Can’t Love You If I Don’t Love Myself

I Can't Love You If You Don't Love Yourself


One reason to not seek your approval from others is because some people can only love as much as they are able.

Many people grew up in low self esteem and/or abusive homes where belittling and put-downs were common.

Some people grew up being bullied because they were taught fear at home. Others became bullies to hide their and prove their own self worth.

People who were bullied went out of their way to find love, support, and approval. People who were the bullies looked for love, support, and importance.

As a result, neither knew what real love was. One person believed that the more you gave, you’d earn love. The other felt that the more you withheld, the more they’d earn because of your worship.

The point is, that a person can’t continue to treat you as a king or queen if they constantly see themselves as a pauper. Eventually, they’ll treat you based on their level or demand that you push them to a higher place. You’d lose yourself in the process.

Anyhoo, they’ll continue to not see your and/or self worth because they won’t see their own.

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