How To Sign Up

Teen Classes and Club

Introductory Offer:

$98/yr – paid in full

128.25/yr – if paid monthly – $14.25

$10 registration fee

Registration fee waived if club dues is paid in full

NOTE:  Please know that if you choose the monthly option, your credit card or bank account will be charged monthly automatically.


Starting September 2019 classes will increase to $198/yr – paid in full

$261/yr – $29 paid monthly

Registration $50

Registration fee waived if club dues is paid in full


The yearly cost is due for the year, but can be refunded for pro-rated future months not used.  

*Unfortunately, refunds cannot be given for past months that were unused.

Parents can pay monthly if they’d like.  Monthly payments cost will be 14.25 for the introductory months.

If parents are paying monthly, money’s will be automatically deducted from their credit card or bank accounts.


SPECIAL NOTE TO PARENTS:  Parents if you child works outside of the home, kudos to them. 

While I recognize that many parents expect their children to contribute to household expenses once their children start working, please allow them to have a fighting chance.

I recommend that a child contributes $30 for a recurring bill while teaching them to save their monies

I DO NOT recommended taking practically their entire check to ‘teach them how hard it is out there’. 

Payment Options