DOMESTIC VIOLENCE TIP: Are You Dating An Abuser?

The Blamer – Part 1

Blamers have a pattern of blaming others, particularly their spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend, boss, whomever, for their problems.

If they never accepts their faults and responsibilities when things go wrong, be ready to be blamed for everything.


Please be sure to pay attention to the warning signs of domestic violence.  Don't think that YOU CAN HELP CHANGE THEM!  A person has to want to change.

Another point is that many abusers are victims of domestic violence themselves.  If you are a victim of domestic violence, please don't believe that a relationship will save you from your past.  Don't believe that just because they don't hit you, it's not abuse. It is.  Get help for you!

Please call The National Center of Domestic Violence Hotline at 800-799-7233.  Or visit their website

adapted from – Stop Violence Against Women

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  1. Oh yeah, been there done that. The sad part was, it took me ten years to get out of the relationship. He was more than just a “simple” abuser. And I was afraid, but now so glad I finally made the decision and got the guts to get out. I wasted a lot of years though with him, and I put my kids thru heck. Live and learn for sure.

    • I’m glad to hear that you got out. I hope it was safely. Many women sadly don’t make it out safely. I’d like to do a post about that.

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