Capalbo’s Gift Baskets

Capalbos - Fruit, Cheese, Wine & Gourmet Food

“Capalbo’s has come a long way since its humble beginnings over 100 years ago. They believe their success is a result of staying focused on the same fundamental business principles their founders felt were important: adapting to their customers’ changing needs, making product quality a religion and a generous helping of old-fashioned hard work. Today, Capalbo's is a leading provider of quality fruit, wine, and gourmet food gift baskets. Their  baskets are handmade in New Jersey. They ship to all 50 states. More than 100 gift baskets are on free shipping.”

Cornucopia Fruit Gift Baskets
Fruit & Cheese Deluxe Gift Basket
Capalbo's Dolce Vita Fruit Gift Basket







Capalbo's Gourmet Elegance Gift Basket
Capalbo's Imperial Gourmet Gift Basket
Capalbo's Classic 6-Box Snack Tower Gift Set







Capalbo's Bon Vivant Gourmet Gift Basket
Capalbo's VIP Gourmet Gift Basket
Capalbo's Gourmet Treasures Gift Baskets







Capalbo's Italian Treasures Fruit Gift Basket
Capalbo's Ambassador Gourmet Gift Basket
Capalbo's Fruit Lover's Delight Basket



Capalbo's Classic 7-Box Snack Tower Gift Set