You Matter To God

August 16, 2018 Lane 0

When I was special to no one, God let me know I was special to Him. When I mattered to no one, God let me […]

Know Your In-Laws

August 15, 2018 Lane 4

Remember, when you’re considering a spouse you should also consider their families. When marrying a spouse, you’re possibly marrying their families as well. They can […]

You’re Good Enough

August 15, 2018 Lane 0

You are good enough and have plenty to offer. Therefore, you don’t have to spend your life begging others for their love and acceptance. Take […]

If You’re So Smart, Help!

August 15, 2018 Lane 0

DEALING WITH THE HARD ISSUES – Part 3 Instead of telling people to “Get Over” their issues, “Let It Go”, or “Move On”, why don’t […]